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XNY Medical is a recognized and eminent surgical stapling manufacture that has become internationally accepted for quality, customer care and performance products. XNY Medical has been working over 30 years to achieve“Meticulous Design, Diligent Manufacture, Honest Management and Assured Application”.
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XNY NOVA™ Disposable Linear Stapler

XNY NOVA™ Disposable Linear Stapler

XNY Nova™ patient use linear cutters are meticulously designed for the excision, transection and stapling in abdominal, gynaecological, paediatric and thoracic surgeries. Focusing primarily on great functionality, reliability and superior performance we ensure the user experience is flawless. XNY linear cutters deliver extremely smooth cutting and secure staple line formation throughout our Nova™ range.





Operation Demonstration-XNY NOVA™ Single Use Linear Stapler


A premium designed linear stapler with a robust design and exceptional performance delivers outstanding and reliable results during use. Manufactured from high medical grade (USA imported materials) ensures positive outcomes and user experience.

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