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XNY Medical is a recognized and eminent surgical stapling manufacture that has become internationally accepted for quality, customer care and performance products. XNY Medical has been working over 30 years to achieve“Meticulous Design, Diligent Manufacture, Honest Management and Assured Application”.


Technical Development Partnerships

One of the critical reasons to partner with XNY is that we are able to understand innovative surgical vision and make idea clinically safe products, . This sets us apart and creates the possibility of developing mutually beneficial  partnerships. It is this very benefit that has allowed for the development of devices such as, the Endoscopic Linear cutter stapler range, as well as the optical trocar – the leading device for Endoscopic Access.

We all value the importance of IP and are cognizant of its’ impact in surgical innovation – a word that is over used frequently. We believe that sometimes the best ideas are the simplest and most obvious, yet they can also be game changing – especially when they affect patient outcomes. Even in this over engineered environment that we tend to operate in, there are still opportunities to make remarkable things happen that don’t require masses of components or years in research and development.

We work with many leading institutions in the surgical community and are able to, with the help of product engineering and design, turn their ideas into something tangible and can even have a prototype of their vision within a short period of time.

We are open to all opportunities and encourage you to contact us, in the first instance, please email: justin.medical@xnystaplers.com


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