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XNY Medical is a recognized and eminent surgical stapling manufacture that has become internationally accepted for quality, customer care and performance products. XNY Medical has been working over 30 years to achieve“Meticulous Design, Diligent Manufacture, Honest Management and Assured Application”.



XNY aims to obtain a world-class reputation in the fields of R&D and manufacturing through successive innovation and integration. Our mission is :
1.To be the leading medical product supplier in China.
2.To be one of the top 5 suppliers for medical stapling products in the global market.


XNY aims to obtain the world-class reputation on R&D and manufacturing by successive innovation and integration. Thus, becoming the best medical device manufacturer worldwide and leading Chinese healthcare industry towards the top world class, are the commitment to our clients.

Address: No.51 Shuishan Road, Zhonglou Economic Development District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. Zip code: 213023

By phone: +86 18168812599 By e-mail: Justin.medical@xnystaplers.com

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