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XNY Medical is a recognized and eminent surgical stapling manufacture that has become internationally accepted for quality, customer care and performance products. XNY Medical has been working over 30 years to achieve“Meticulous Design, Diligent Manufacture, Honest Management and Assured Application”.


We see honesty, sincerity and truthfulness to be our root guidelines and would never, under any circumstances attempt to mislead our clients. We take our commitments seriously and are devoted to standing by them and do not tolerate corrupt behavior. We compete with our competitors in a lawful and respectful manner and forbid any company politics at XNY. When recruiting new employees, the candidates’ qualifications and character are highly valued and we take no notice of any connections or “guan-xi” they may have.

2.Core Business: Medical Device Manufacturing Services

Our dedication is to the professional manufacturing of medical devices.


Our goal is to be one of the top 5 medical stapling suppliers in the global medical disposable market. With our roots in China and foundations in the world’s major markets, we recruit professionals with different nationalities to meet the demand of a multi-cultural development. We know that the medical field has no national boundaries and that being competitive means being competitive at a worldwide level.

4.Long-Term Strategies

It is very important that company plans for the future. We are confident that if we can execute a long-term plan, we will as a result reduce the need for any crisis management.

5.Customers as Partners

Our customers’success is our success and we make sure to treat them just as we would to our partners.

6.Quality Work and Quality Services

At XNY, we make sure that every employee provides the highest quality of service. We provide our employees with constant reviews to ensure the best performance possible. We see it our mission to achieve and maintain complete customer satisfaction.

7.Innovative and Dynamic Business

Here at XNY, we see innovation as our core, without it we cannot succeed as it is vital to sectors of our business (e.g. strategic planning, marketing, management, R&D and production) At XNY, we always make sure to maintain a dynamic and efficient work attitude.

8.Challenging and Fun Work Environment

For most employees, the work environment is of the highest importance. We know this and work hard to create and maintain a dynamic and enjoyable work environment in order to retain talented professionals who share our goals.

9.Open-Style Management System

An open-style management system is designed to keep all communication channels open. Employees openly communicate with one another in an honest and sincere fashion, welcoming constructive criticisms in order to improve. This method allows employees to express their opinions before any final decisions are made.

10.Benefits for Employees and Shareholders

Both our employees and shareholders are of great importance to our company. The salary and benefits that we provide our employees are above industry average, as are the shareholders’ return on investments. We understand that our success depends greatly on the well-being of the society and environment in which the company is established. Therefore, it is essential that we do what we can in order to give back to the society and serve an example of a model company. We believe that our philosophy and business views will help XNY grow continuously and become a world leading company in its field.

Address: No.51 Shuishan Road, Zhonglou Economic Development District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. Zip code: 213023

By phone: +86 18168812599 By e-mail: Justin.medical@xnystaplers.com

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